Cala Alcaufar, Menorca

The Xuroy's environment

Aucaufar Cove: Wrapped in white houses and traditional jetties, this extraordinary cove located in the municipality of Sant Lluís in Menorca gives off a special charm thanks to the marine and family atmosphere with its calm waters protected by rocky outcrops and islets. Although today Alcaufar is mainly a summer resort for many families from Maó and Sant Lluís, it was here that the first tourist hotel on the Island of Menorca, the Xuroy, was built.

Only one of the banks is urbanized and on the opposite is the defensive tower built in the eighteenth century during the Spanish rule and restored in 1994. From Alcaufar you can easily walk on foot along the coast following the section 19 of the historic Camí de Cavalls This section goes from Punta Prima beach to Cala Sant Esteve.

  • Photograph of Xuroy from Cala Alcaufar Menorca
  • View towards Cala Alcaufar from the terrace of Xuroy
  • Cala Alcaufar beach in Menorca
  • Cala Alcaufar seen from the area of the Xuroy enclosure
  • Road from Cala Alcaufar leading to "Camí de Cavalls", which surrounds all of Menorca
  • Footpath and sign of the "Camí de cavalls" section in Menorca
  • Cala Alcaufar beach area that overlooks the sea
Environment of Xuroy, Cala Alcaufar, Menorca